Why Pavement Preservation?

A good highway system is a critical component of a healthy economy and essential for global competitiveness. Our country’s economic vitality depends on its highways to move people, goods, and services, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To serve its purpose, our road system must be in good physical condition and provide a high degree of connectivity and efficiency. Pavement preservation provides the best way of maintaining road system integrity and longevity.

The United States highway system — an asset valued at over $1.75 trillion in total — is steadily deteriorating. For a variety of reasons, expenditures are not keeping pace with proven needs. There are never enough resources to build and rebuild roadways and bridges. With constrained resources causing roadways to deteriorate to the point of no return, we need to get serious about preserving and maintaining this fundamental investment.

Pavement preservation fills that gap.

The essence of pavement preservation is the application of the right treatment, to the right pavement, at the right time to save or delay future expenditures.

It makes scarce dollars go farther in keeping roads in top shape, providing a great return on investment. Experience shows that every $1.00 spent on pavement preservation will save from $6.00 to $10.00 or more in future rehabilitation or reconstruction costs.

On average, it projects support approximately 25 percent more jobs on a dollar-for-dollar basis, compared with new construction or rehabilitation projects.

It is socially responsible and ecologically sustainable. It utilizes up to 80 percent less of the earth’s non-renewable resources than do conventional highway rehabilitation and reconstruction programs.

It improves efficiency and safety, reducing motorist delays by using techniques that complete road work faster, with fewer traffic disruptions.

For all these reasons, FP2 Inc. (an organization that works in close cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration, the National Center for Pavement Preservation as well as Regional Pavement Preservation Partnerships and State-based Pavement Preservation Centers.) supports the spread of pavement preservation practice and techniques throughout the United States.

Preserving pavements is our #1 goal at American Pavement Preservation and we have the experience, knowledge, crews, and equipment to make it happen. Contact us if you have any questions about your asphalt pavement surface.