Summer Is Coming And So Are We

Summer is coming and we are ready to seal coat and slurry seal your streets
American Pavement Preservation has been crack sealing and placing asphalt over the colder winter months as usual. The weather is beginning to become warmer and summer is coming. Beginning in the spring American Pavement Preservation starts placing Type 1, Type 2 and Type 2 Specification Slurry Seal and AMERICOAT Seal Coat material on many home homeowner asphalt streets and for the public Agency asphalt streets. When properly cared for with proper maintenance your pavement is long -lasting and your property investment increases in value.
This is a busy time of year, with all of us working hard. American pavement Preservation has the expertise and experience to help you with your asphalt needs. All of us at American Pavement Preservation would be excited to help you with you asphalt needs, asphalt repairs and patching, asphalt crack sealing, asphalt slurry seal and asphalt seal coat application. We would like to make your property or business look great. Great looking parking structures and streets make for a lasting first impression.
American Pavement Preservation uses only the highest quality commercial grades materials available on all projects we service. Our crews are experienced and trained to ensure the proper preparation is being done prior to applying any seal coat or slurry seal materials to your asphalt. We are proud to be your Asphalt Pavement Preservation specialist near you. Please feel free to call American Pavement Preservation at 702-507-5444 for a free asphalt pavement evaluation on your street.