Asphalt surfaces deteriorate over time like any other product. This deterioration occurs slowly at first, but then begins to increase as time wears on, especially if the streets are neglected. With increased usage of the streets by heavy traffic and no maintenance or preserving of the streets, the deterioration shows with cracking, potholes, divots, and/or ruts to name a few. Philosophies of the past would be to just remove and replace the streets with new asphalt. However, with the rising costs of asphalt materials, a new philosophy has emerged in the preservation of asphalt streets.

Slurry seal is a result of such a philosophical change. By applying a thin layer over an existing street, a protectant slurry seal is created reducing and/or eliminating the opportunity for water to enter the street base and create the symptoms of a neglected street.

Studies have shown for every dollar spent on prevention, a savings of approximately $6.00 to $10.00 on repairs and new asphalt is achieved. Not only does this reduce the overall dollars spent on street upkeep, but it also has shown to extend the useful life of a street past its design standard of 20 years.

Seal coats are not all the same. American Pavement Preservation offers several different applications of slurry seal depending on the needs of the street, the volume of traffic, and the customers budget.

Please contact Eric Reimschiissel (702) 249-5811 for your preventative preservation and slurry seal needs.

  • American Pavement Preservation Slurry sea at the Laughlin Ranch
  • American Pavement Preservation Slurry Seal at Laughlin Ranch
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