Asphalt Microsurfacing is one of the most versatile applications for Asphalt Pavement Preservation and Asphalt Maintenance applications.

Microsurfacing is a mixture of cationic polymer modified asphalt emulsion, 100% crushed clean aggregate water and other application additives properly proportioned and spread over a properly prepared asphalt surface. The special purpose polymers and additives used in microsurfacing mixes allow for multiple aggregate thickness applications for not only streets, but high-volume collectors and roadways with heavier traffic loadings providing a new surface, enhanced leveling and can be used for interstate asphalt surface truck tire created rut-filling applications.

Microsurfacing is a proven problem-solving application on many asphalt surfaces that need a thicker quicker set material than a slurry seal application. Microsurfacing has been a proven cost-effective asphalt surfacing application proving a new surface with enhanced leveling and texturing of the existing asphalt pavement.

In a quick-set traffic application microsurfacing can increase skid resistance, color contrast, surface restoration, replacement of lost surface aggregate fines, adding service life to stressed and aged surface asphalts.

Microsurfacing is a thin asphalt surface, typically 3/8 of an inch in thickness, providing a restorative surface application for urban arterials and city collector routes. Microsurfacing does not alter the asphalt surface drainage and there is not a loss of curb height reveal. This is important to consider the high costs of utility adjustments with conventional asphalt overlays are not required with a Microsurfacing application. Microsurfacing can restore the proper surface texture making the asphalt surface safe for public vehicle use. 

Microsurfacing is a low-energy, environmentally friendly application. Microsurfacing materials have low energy requirements, are safe, emitting no polluting smoke or smells in a neighborhood. The Microsurfacing materials are mixed and placed at ambient temperatures, not requiring high temperatures from the conventional hot mix asphalt applications.

Microsurfacing applications life expectancy usually exceeds 10 years.      

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