Resident Notices-Advance, Final & With Map on the Back

You have received a notice for your street to receive a crack seal treatment. Your notice may have a date, or may not of when work is going to happen. If your notice does not have a date, don’t worry, you will receive a Final Notice with the date of when the work is scheduled for.

This application if fairly quick. Most of the time the material is dry in 30 minutes or less. We ask you on the day of your street is scheduled for crack seal to have vehicles and trailers not to be parked on the street between 7 am and 5 pm. This allows for us to completely cover the necessary cracks and avoids the possibility of your vehicle being towed. If you have to park your vehicle on another street, please pay attention to the “No Parking” signs in your neighborhood as additional streets are probably getting done as well.

You will have access to your driveway all day. Please turn off your sprinkler system, and avoid other activities that would get the asphalt &/or gutters wet. In the event that rain or other difficulties beyond our control prevents the work to be done on your street, your street will be rescheduled and you will receive another notice.

Crack Seal

Video of crack seal