Resident Notice FAQ's

1My street is closed but I need to leave, can I just move the cones and drive out?
No, please do not! Driving on the wet material will not only damage the street but make a mess on your car and driveways. If you need to leave please call us and we will see what we can do or let you know when it can be driven on.
2Work will be done on my street on my trash day what happens with trash pick-up?
For crack seal trash pick up is not affected. For seal coat and slurry seal most jobs we make arrangements to have trash picked up first thing in the morning before we close the streets, but to be sure read your notice there will be a "TRASH NOTE" that tells you what arrangements we have made.
3I received a notice telling me work will be done on my street or my street will be closed but it doesn't have a date on it.
First check the back to see if there is a map, if not then you have received an Advance Notice letting you know we will be working on your street soon and you will receive a Final Notice that will tell you the date.
4Where can I park?
First check to see if you have a map on the back of the notice you received, if you do you just need to park in an area that is a different color from your street. If you don’t have a map watch for “No Parking” signs the evening before your street is scheduled to be closed our crew will put out signs to let you know what area will be closed. Make sure you park outside of the area of the “No Parking” signs.
5I have a notice for Crack Seal, will my street be closed?
Streets are NOT closed for Crack Seal application but there is NO PARKING ON THE STREET because we need to be able to get to the cracks to seal them.
6When will my street be open?
On the front of the notice we give out there will be a time listed when the street will be open.
7When will my street be closed/what time will the crew be on my street?
Plan on your street being closed for time frame listed on the front of the notice. Please understand that we have several streets to work on everyday so we can not tell you the exact time we will be on your street so it’s best to plan on your street being closed whatever time frame is listed.
8I have the seal coat or slurry seal material on my car, can I clean it off?
The material is highly adhesive but can be removed from vehicles with products available at local auto parts stores, please read and follow directions.