Asphalt Paving

Photo 1
Asphalt paving crew on Buffalo Drive. First, the asphalt crew saw cut old/damaged asphalt, then removed the old asphalt and hauled it away. The old asphalt was sent to the asphalt plant to be recycled, and new asphalt was picked up and sent out to the job. While that was happening the asphalt crew prepared the subbase. When the new asphalt arrived, it was dumped into the asphalt paver and paving was started. The new asphalt was paved in two lifts.

Photo 2
A new asphalt paved golf course golf cart path. This job required using the right sized asphalt equipment to pave the golf cart path. The requirements were to pave a new asphalt path with little disturbance to the existing landscape. The difficulties in this job were dealing with ever-changing grades and the limited area for asphalt equipment to work, enter and exit the golf course.

Photo 3
Asphalt paving crew paving on a side alley of a business area. The asphalt paving crew has multiple size paving equipment to be able to handle some of the smallest asphalt jobs to some of the more complex asphalt jobs out there. Depending on your asphalt needs, we have the crew and equipment needed to get the job done.

Photo 4
Small asphalt paving crew working on model home parking lot. This project was for a home builder that needed a temporary asphalt parking lot put in on a house lot next to the model homes. The new asphalt parking lot had to be put in around existing landscape and had to be ADA approved.

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