Industrial Park Seal Coat

This is industrial park was completed in September of 2017.   The asphalt surface was in fair condition but needed asphalt crack sealing and an asphalt seal coat placed to preserve the existing asphalt surface.   All of the asphalt work was completed on the weekend in order to lessen the impact felt by tenants.   This project went very well and the customer was extremely happy, evident by the Google review she left. Hot rubberized asphalt Crack sealing was completed on the existing asphalt surface cracks and all concrete valley gutter joints used CRAFCO PLS 200 hot rubberized asphalt crack sealant material. Oil spots were scraped and primed prior to applying two coats of AMERICOAT sealcoat. AMERICOAT is a premier pavement preservation material, design and manufactured, by American Pavement Preservation specifically for Las Vegas climate conditions. Once the AMERICOAT seal coat was complete, the asphalt surface parking stalls and stencils were repainted. The painting, the red and yellow curbs, were the final touches on the project.

American Pavement Preservation is proud of another job well done and another happy customer!