GES Placid Yard Asphalt Pavement

Some beautiful asphalt work done by American Pavement Preservation at the GES Placid Yard.

The GES equipment and storage yard was being used by GES for years and they wanted to enhance the property and provide better usage by paving the lot with a new asphalt surface.  Asphalt paving on a dirt lot can solve many problems associated with dust and mud as well as the ease of equipment parking on a solid asphalt surface.  Asphalt pavement in an equipment yard protects the base material from the weather and can provide a solid surface to drive and park equipment on.

In preparation for the new asphalt surface American Pavement Preservation reviewed the site to make arrangements to do what GES had requested.  The GES Placid Yard project design, consisted of grading and preparing the existing base materials which involved scarifying existing base, adding water, and compacting the existing base in preparations for placing the asphalt paving.

The base was graded and compacted and then prior to paving American Pavement applied an application of SS-1H asphalt emulsion as a moisture barrier between the prepared base and the new asphalt pavement. In our final stages American placed two inches of hot asphalt mix material over the prepared and graded base, rolled the asphalt for compaction with a steel wheel and rubber tire asphalt roller.  Compaction is critical for an asphalt pavement to be long lasting.  The rollers compacted the new asphalt as required.  The new asphalt surface was painted with a new payout design of parking lines placed on the new asphalt surface.  The new painted lines on the new asphalt surface provide a new layout for designated parking and equipment staging areas. American Pavement Preservation definitely met GES standards and expectations. Another job well done!

Please feel free to contact American Pavement Preservation for any or your asphalt needs.  New asphalt paving, new asphalt seal coating to protect your existing asphalt surface, slurry sealing your home owner streets, or new paint striping and pavement markings on your asphalt surfaces.