Every Street Has a Story

Behind every asphalt street, there is a story; when it was constructed, who uses the street and who takes care of the street, and more. Each street in our community is part of our daily lives. For those of us who are homeowners, the streets are part of our community association and a part of the investment we have in our homes.

Asphalt streets have a beginning, a part of a life needing attention and after enough time, a part where the street seems to go away. A new street might be part of our new home, maybe a part of change with a new location, a new beginning. Much like anything in life, the longevity of an asphalt street is not so much based on when it was built, or who uses it, but more importantly who takes care of it. When we care enough about an item, it feels more personal. Feeling personal about your community street might not seem normal to most people, but for us, it is a normal part of life. We drive on our community streets each day, coming and going and we probably only notice the street when we see cracks, weather deterioration and damaged asphalt area. Unfortunately, once the street is deteriorated and damaged has occurred, we have waited too long and instead of simply preserving our asphalt street surface we must now spend higher amounts of money to completely repair the areas. If only the time to was taken to care for our street by preserving the asphalt surface in a new condition, the deterioration and damage would not have occurred.

Taking care of the asphalt streets in your community will create a beautiful neighborhood aesthetic that will enhance your property values. An attractive street can provide a sense of pride in our home and our HOA community. The way to keep your asphalt streets in prime condition is by placing scheduled applications of asphalt seal coat and asphalt slurry seal on the surface before the surface deteriorates from our extreme Las Vegas climate conditions.


Every street has a story and that story is a part of our life and community. Being aware of the needs of asphalt streets and using preventative care will help keep the story with a happy ending.

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