Donovan DMV

The Donovan Department of Motor Vehicles, DMV, was completed in September 2017.   The State of Nevada uses slurry seal and microsurfacing applications to take care of their pavement surfaces. As professionals, the state engineers understand the need to preserve asphalt pavements and saving the costs of new construction when possible. The asphalt surface at the Donovan DMV had a previous asphalt slurry seal from about 10 years ago, which performed remarkably well. The lot is heavily used by vehicles each day during the time the facility is open to the public. The work performed this year was asphalt patching and repairing the existing asphalt surface, filling and sealing the asphalt cracks with a hot rubberized asphalt crack sealant. The cracks in the asphalt were sealed to prevent water and dirt from entering the asphalt surface and the base asphalt. After the asphalt the surface was prepared, a specification Type 2 asphalt slurry seal was placed over the entire existing asphalt surface. The Type 2 asphalt slurry seal provided an application of about ¼ inch of a new asphalt surface on the parking lot.   The slurry sealed asphalt surface was then painted with new parking stalls and handicap stencils.