Chapman Dodge Parking Lot

American Pavement Preservation was pleased to work with Chapman Dodge on their asphalt parking lot at East Sahara.   The work was completed in late November, and was a successful asphalt project with everyone working together.  Chapman Dodge is a busy successful dealership with whom American Pavement Preservation has been purchasing trucks from to enhance our fleet of vehicles for our asphalt business.

Chapman was so successful because all of our crews and the staff at Chapman Dodge worked together. With a team effort on everything from scheduling the movement of the cars to each of our crews coming in to do several different types of asphalt work. The Chapman Dodge asphalt parking lot project was exciting and unique because it allowed American Pavement Preservation to show off all of the professional services we offer and each of our crews excelled at their tasks.

From our Asphalt paving crew, AMERICOAT Seal Coat Crew, Slurry Seal Crews and Striping crews. Each crew provided their expertise with a specific application on the asphalt parking lot. The asphalt paving crews performed asphalt repairs and placement of a new asphalt surface.  The process of grading and placing new aggregate base materials, grading and the finished by placing three inches of a new hot mix asphalt material for a new asphalt surface, providing for a new asphalt parking lot for parking the Chapman Dodge dealership vehicles.  Additional work involved removal and replacement of a three foot wide concrete valley gutter on the backside of the car wash area to provide better water drainage on the asphalt parking lot.  The asphalt surface of back lot vehicle storage area received an application of a latex Modified Type II Slurry Seal ¼ inch minus surfacing and sealing material over the rougher older aged existing asphalt conditions to provide better surface, fill voids, sealing of the asphalt surface and providing a new longer lasting slurry sealed surface condition.

The second phase of the project was to enhance the front lot of the dealership where the new cars are stored.  The American Pavement Preservation crack seal and AMERICOAT seal coat application crews did their magic on this existing asphalt parking lot.  The asphalt Crack Seal crew applied Crafco PLS 200 Crack Sealant to existing cracks, sealing the cracks with a hot rubberized asphalt crack sealant material to prevent water from entering the asphalt surface and penetrating to the base. The Seal Coat Crew then applied an application of AMERICOAT, a Latex Modified Seal Coat, to the asphalt surface on the front asphalt parking lot.  The AMERICOAT Seal Coat was applied to enhance the appearance as well as seal and protect the existing asphalt surface from the hot Las Vegas sun and the harmful effects of water and other elements.

Once all work was completed the asphalt crews, the American Pavement Preservation pavement marking & striping crew finished off this parking lot by restriping the entire asphalt parking lot surface providing a beautiful uniform appearance, as well as providing Chapman Dodge with proving a great looking asphalt parking lot.   American Pavement Preservation was pleased and honored that the Chapman Dodge leadership allowed us the opportunity to preserve their parking lot.