Category: Completed Projects

Chapman Dodge Parking Lot

American Pavement Preservation was pleased to work with Chapman Dodge on their asphalt parking lot at East Sahara.   The work was completed in late November, and was a successful asphalt project with everyone working together.  Chapman Dodge is a busy successful dealership with whom American Pavement Preservation has been purchasing trucks from to enhance our…
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GES Placid Yard Asphalt Pavement

Some beautiful asphalt work done by American Pavement Preservation at the GES Placid Yard. The GES equipment and storage yard was being used by GES for years and they wanted to enhance the property and provide better usage by paving the lot with a new asphalt surface.  Asphalt paving on a dirt lot can solve…
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Industrial Park Seal Coat

This is industrial park was completed in September of 2017.   The asphalt surface was in fair condition but needed asphalt crack sealing and an asphalt seal coat placed to preserve the existing asphalt surface.   All of the asphalt work was completed on the weekend in order to lessen the impact felt by tenants.   This project…
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Donovan DMV

The Donovan Department of Motor Vehicles, DMV, was completed in September 2017.   The State of Nevada uses slurry seal and microsurfacing applications to take care of their pavement surfaces. As professionals, the state engineers understand the need to preserve asphalt pavements and saving the costs of new construction when possible. The asphalt surface at the…
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Daycare Center Asphalt Paving Project

GREAT ASPHALT PAVING PROJECT COMPLETED BY A GREAT ASPHALT CREW                         I would like to thank our Asphalt Paving crew leader, Robert Hudson, for creating a great team atmosphere and executing a safe and functioning work environment for him and his asphalt crew as…
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Apartment Complex Striping and Pavement Preservation

  This Apartment Complex was completed in September of 2017.   The existing asphalt surface was in good condition but needed an application of AMERICOAT latex modified seal coat to preserve the asphalt pavement surface. We also performed a couple of minor asphalt repairs where tree roots grew up through the asphalt. The asphalt crew saw cut…
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Asphalt Slurry Seal Projects

American Pavement Preservation is a big advocate for protecting your underlying asphalt from the elements using slurry seal. Check out some of the many projects we are proud of below. TYPE 1 Asphalt Slurry Seal placed on a residential street to protect the surface from the sun and weather.         Type 1…
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Warm Springs Promenade

American Pavement Preservation applied a Seal Coat Asphalt surface treatment to the parking lot of the Warm Springs Promenade shopping center. Prior to Seal Coating, Crack Sealing was done to seal all the cracks with a rubberized asphalt sealant.  

City of Henderson

American Pavement Preservation crew applying asphalt seal coat treatment to residential streets in City of Henderson, Sun City Anthem neighborhood. This project consisted of Crack Sealing pavement cracks, Seal Coat surface treatment of newer neighborhoods and Slurry Seal surface treatment Ty-1 and Ty-2. Prior to the project starting, sampling and testing were done, through an…
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Galleria Mall

We performed work on the Galleria Mall, a local shopping center in nearby Henderson, with an Asphalt Seal Coat applied to its parking lot along with new striping. This was only a portion of the parking area as this is an ongoing project. Asphalt Seal Coat treatments not only protect the asphalt pavement from the…
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