The preservation and maintenance of asphalt streets and parking lots has become an ever-growing concern of many entities in the country. Private property owners and Public Agencies, continue to search for solutions and opportunities to preserve and extend the life of their streets and parking lots that will last in excess of 20 years at a cost less than what it would take for a complete restoration. The concept of asphalt preservation has been adopted by many of these groups, and for good reason, a well-designed asphalt surface can far exceed its typical design life of 15 years with proper preservation applications by American Pavement Preservation at significantly less cost than a complete replacement or a major repair.

American Pavement Preservation is a leader in the asphalt pavement preservation and placement industry as a result of the extensive experience achieved by its management team. The Company was created in 2009 through an investment by Gateway City Capital. However, the experience and talent of Eric Reimschiissel have been realized over the last 30 years in the State of Nevada. This has enabled the Company to provide a full comprehensive list of services for its clients’ asphalt needs; from the initial construction of a new street or parking lot, to its continued long-life, through proper care and preservation applications such as slurry seal and seal coating as well as any repair needs a client may have due to unforeseen damage experienced to their asphalt surfaces.