A Complete Total Parking Structure Preservation

American Pavement Preservation had the pleasure of working with a local large business this year. We were able to provide our services, asphalt patching, crack sealing and AMERICOAT seal coat on many locations, but it was the Rancho location that we were able to provide a complete asphalt pavement parking structure preservation application.
The asphalt surface was in fair condition but needed asphalt crack sealing and an asphalt seal coat placed to preserve the existing asphalt surface. Hot rubberized asphalt Crack sealing was completed on the existing asphalt surface cracks using a specification hot rubberized asphalt crack sealant material. A two-coat seal coat application was then applied. AMERICOAT is a premier pavement preservation material, design and manufactured, by American Pavement Preservation specifically for Las Vegas climate conditions. Once the AMERICOAT seal coat was complete, the asphalt surface parking stalls and stencils were repainted. The paint striping and red curbs were the final touches on the project.
The parking lot is one of the first things you see. The importance of preserving asphalt pavement speaks for itself, and truly makes a great impression to the overall image of the property and business. We are here to walk you through all your asphalt pavement needs. Give us a call today.