Setting the Application – Right

Setting the Application – Right By: Eric Reimschiissel A typical asphalt seal coat material is usually classified as a mineral filled asphalt emulsion or clay based mineral filled asphalt emulsion seal coat.  Some names like clay based, clay emulsion or high mineral, mineral filed asphalt emulsion are asphalt seal coat applications and not true asphalt…
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Warm Springs Promenade

American Pavement Preservation applied a Seal Coat Asphalt surface treatment to the parking lot of the Warm Springs Promenade shopping center. Prior to Seal Coating, Crack Sealing was done to seal all the cracks with a rubberized asphalt sealant.

City of Henderson

American Pavement Preservation crew applying asphalt seal coat treatment to residential streets in City of Henderson, Sun City Anthem neighborhood. This project consisted of Crack Sealing pavement cracks, Seal Coat surface treatment of newer neighborhoods and Slurry Seal surface treatment Ty-1 and Ty-2. Prior to project start up, sampling and testing was done on materials…
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Asphalt – Before Roads

Asphalt use in Ancient times Asphalt/bitumen was used for waterproofing and as an adhesive. Asphalt usage for these purposes dates back to at least the fifth millennium BC in the early Indus Valley Sites like Mehrgarh. Using asphalt/bitumen to line things such as baskets that were used to gather crops. Early asphalt use in Europe…
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Slurry Seal

SLURRY SEAL TYPE 1 AND TYPE 2 IS THE NUMBER ONE CHOICE BY THE CITY OF LAS VEGAS WITH A 90 % SATISFACTION RATING BY THE RESIDENTS GO WITH AMERICAN PAVEMENT PRESERVATION THE LEADER IN LAS VEGAS By Eric M. Reimschiissel American Pavement Preservation has the most experience and is the leader in asphalt preservation…
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Pavement Preservation

AMERICAN PAVEMENT PRESERVATION “The Leader”   By: Eric Reimschiissel Long Term Asphalt Pavement Preservation is a Value Our experience and studies over the years have proven that taking care of asphalt surfaces with a regularly scheduled asphalt pavement preservation program, by AMERICAN PAVEMENT PRESERVATION can save a homeowners association over $400,000 or even more on…
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Galleria Mall

Galleria Mall, a local Las Vegas shopping center with an Asphalt Seal Coat applied to its parking lot along with new striping. This was only a portion of the parking area as this is an ongoing project. Asphalt Seal Coat treatments not only protect the asphalt pavement from the detrimental elements which cause deterioration, but…
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