Look at the AMERICOAT Seal Coat.

By Eric M. Reimschiissel
American Pavement Preservation
Cameo 4-22-16

I realize that beauty is always in the eye of the beholder and only a dedicated asphalt person like me would think a newly sealed community street is of beauty, but I wanted to share with you the following pictures of some of the streets and projects we have completed placing the long lasting AMERICOAT seal coat material. AMERICOAT has been placed on more streets and parking lots in the Las Vegas area than any other seal coat. AMERICOAT longer lasting, more durable.

This is what I call beautiful

This is what I call beautiful again and again.

AMERICOAT seal coat has been placed on more asphalt surfaces in Southern Nevada than any other seal coat material. The AMERICOAT seal coat will outperform the applications of typical seal coat in our difficult Las Vegas climate conditions because we manufacture the material here in Las Vegas for Las Vegas for our Las Vegas Climate. AMERICOAT seal coat has been placed on Las Vegas streets for more than 13 years providing long lasting pavement protection.

American Pavement Preservation is a local Las Vegas company committed to providing long lasting cost effective applications to protect your asphalt surfaces. Go with the leader.

We provide the right treatment, to the right road at the right time at the right price.

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Eric Reimschiissel