Taking Care Of Your Homeowner Association Streets

Asphalt Pavement Preservation – protecting asphalt pavement from the hot Las Vegas summer sun ultraviolet rays with AMERICOAT.

 Spring time and early summer are very busy for us at American Pavement Preservation.   Our customers are anxious to have asphalt preservation treatments placed on their asphalt surfaces prior to the hot summer months. They understand that the sun and the heat in our local Las Vegas climate are very destructive to an asphalt surface. We focus on providing the information and applications our customers need to take care of their asphalt surfaces in a planned and cost effective manner to prevent damage from the elements.

Hot Mix Asphalt pavement surfaces when new are a pliable and flexible surface. The new hot mix asphalt is typically a 2 or 3 inch thick surface placed on a structure of supporting aggregate base materials. The hot mix asphalt protects the aggregate base structure to provide a usable surface for us to drive on. In order for the hot mix asphalt to continue to protect the base and be a useable surface, we need to protect the asphalt surface and preserve the asphalt surface in a new condition. The asphalt when placed will stay flexible longer, with the ability to move, expanding and contracting with the temperature changes when we prevent damage and deterioration from the hot weather and the natural destructive elements. AMERICOAT seal coat is placed on fair to good condition asphalt surfaces to protect and prevent damage. The AMERICOAT seal coat is a cost effective application providing a protective barrier between the hot sun ultraviolet rays and other natural destructive conditions. Applications of AMERICOAT seal coat and slurry seal on asphalt surfaces at the right time and conditions can save costs of over 400% percent.

All asphalt surfaces are not all in the same conditions at the same time and need to have an expert review the surface conditions so the right application is placed. Always be sure you have an experienced local Las Vegas company review your asphalt surfaces. We take pride in having the expertise to review various asphalt pavement conditions, then providing expert opinions, and recommending what is the best and most cost effective pavement application for the condition of your asphalt pavement surface.


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By Eric M. Reimschiissel   American Pavement Preservation