Large Paving Projects

The paving crew philosophy is to provide the most efficient and quality service to its customers by meeting schedules, identifying opportunities to reduce costs, and placing asphalt material that meets or exceeds the customer needs. As such, much of the Company customer base have been working with the crew for over 25 years in the Clark County valley focusing on real-estate projects with developers for single family housing, commercial real-estate, multi-family housing projects, and parking lots. Additionally, the paving crew has also worked with local agencies on Public Works projects throughout the valley.

The core members of the Company paving crew have been placing asphalt in the valley and its outer regions for over 25 years. Led by Tom Hart, and Superintendent, Bill Bridges, the Paving Crew was able to place an average of 325,000 tons per year for various projects.

Please contact either Tom Hart (702) 278-0724 or John Stanton (702) 375-0903 for your paving needs.