Daycare Center Asphalt Paving Project














I would like to thank our Asphalt Paving crew leader, Robert Hudson, for creating a great team atmosphere and executing a safe and functioning work environment for him and his asphalt crew as they paved new asphalt for the Child Time Daycare Center project today. I am proud to say that when I arrived at the job site, everyone was safely working with their vests. The crew’s priority was safety while placing the asphalt. The job site looked great as the asphalt crew watched out for each other, spotters were used while backing up the equipment, the skid steer operator was looking in all directions while operating the machine, cones were in their proper places and not on the sidewalk, the trucks were parked in safe locations, asphalt rakes and shovels, when not in use, were out of the work area, and all other tools were secured on the asphalt paving machine. I could see from their gestures and simple hand signals that they knew what each other needed. They took pride in their work and paying attention to detail, placing a shovel of asphalt in the right spot, rolling the asphalt on time, checking the asphalt grade with the level, and the skid steer leveling out any tracks in the grade from the paver tracks or truck tires. You could tell that the crew planned ahead to make sure all details were mapped out to complete the new asphalt paving correctly and without issue. The crew knew their jobs and executed their individual tasks without being told. I could also sense that they were happy and functioning together as a team which is important on any job site.













Awesome Job, Robert for creating a great working atmosphere for you and your crew and promoting outstanding leadership for a project well done.

Great crew and thank you for making us all look good!