Apartment Complex Striping and Pavement Preservation


This Apartment Complex was completed in September of 2017.   The existing asphalt surface was in good condition but needed an application of AMERICOAT latex modified seal coat to preserve the asphalt pavement surface. We also performed a couple of minor asphalt repairs where tree roots grew up through the asphalt. The asphalt crew saw cut and removed the asphalt, cut and removed the tree roots (only in the areas of the repair) then repaired the asphalt with a new hot asphalt mix.

Concrete sidewalks that were lifted and causing trip hazards were also replaced in various locations throughout the community.   We sealed all cracks 1/8” wide and wider with CRAFCO PLS 200 hot rubberized asphalt crack sealant material. Oil spots were scraped and primed prior to applying AMERICOAT latex modified seal coat application. To finish the project we restriped all parking stalls and handicap stalls back to their original layout.